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Vrakotas Big Blue Charters Base in Gouvia marina Corfu

Yacht chartering is a very specialized field. You need to have  the knowledge of all the different yachts, the layouts, mechanical information and most important to build a network of specialists that will take care of you and the boat in the event of an accident or breakdown wherever you and the yacht might be.

All this takes years and a lot of effort to achieve. We have now completed 23 years in yacht charters and yacht management and most important of all in the same area of Corfu.

The area around our bases is well covered with trained people and we will also give you personal detailed chart briefing of all the dangers (if any) and places of interest that you can visit.

According to Greek authorities a charter agreement has to be completed, signed by both parties (charterer & owner of the boat or Agent). The charter agreements (5 copies) are being presented to the Port Authorities (Coast Guard) for verification and checking of the boat's registration & safety papers.

In order to charter a bare boat you must have one skipper's certificate and one crew hand certificate. If there is not a second certificate then a member of the crew signs an affidavit stating that he/she are able to help in case of emergency (the form is supplied by us).

If requested we can supply a friendly skipper free of charge who will spend 4 hours with you to familiarize you at sea with your boat.

If you do not feel comfortable to handle the boat then we can provide you with a competent, trained and knowledgeable skipper to accompany you on the whole charter period